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 About Us 

As a top-notch drop shipping business provider, we ensure that our clients are selling directly from safe, secure, and high-quality suppliers. Our mission is to cultivate our clients’ drop shipping businesses as we continue to bring forth monthly cash flows completely overseen by our team. 

How it works

 Our Services 


Facebook Marketplace serves as an accessible shopping place for many people. Creating a more direct relationship between the buyers and sellers all around the digital market. Wrapped up with a hundred million active shoppers in the US, Facebook Marketplace dropshipping advances with its extensive high-profit margins. 


Facebook Marketplace remains a state-of-the-art digital platform that surely catches everyone’s attention. Before, it was just like craigslist, wherein people had to meet up in person just to complete a single transaction. Today, Facebook advances with a “shipping only” option allowing our team to carry out our dropshipping business model. Sales volume is not as high as the other platforms, making it not that competitive at the moment, with seller fees ranging only for about 5% compared to the 15% of Amazon. 


As the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Amazon continues to hit almost 6 figures monthly gross sales. It had over 300 million active consumers and roughly $280 billion in sales in 2019 alone. Making the platform even more desirable, not just to many different brands but also to new and professional drop shippers. 


With Amazon's massive audience to sell to, Amazon dropshipping can result in significant profits for your company. There are a lot of categories and niches to select from, and nothing will stop you from serving various audiences. You won't even have to worry about overhead costs since you don't have any inventory, allowing you to try out new products without even breaking the bank.


Sabrina B.

Working at All Invested Automation enabled me to leave my work, be with my family, and devote my full attention to raising my kids.

Cindy S.

When I started my dropshipping business, I had no idea what leverage credit meant. I’m able to learn everything here!

Bryan Daniel C.

I'm currently on vacation in Costa Rica, still making earnings as I write this post. It feels nice to have a passive income!

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